Decendants Report
Stickel(s)/Stickle(s) of Winchester, Virginia

This line of Stickel(s) originates in Colonial Virginia and as of October 2016 includes over 5000 descendants spanning 10 generations.

This line does not yet have a connection to Europe but it is believed that the line comes from either Germany and/or the Netherlands (Holland). We have begun DNA testing and we hope this will help us to connect our roots to Europe and will report the DNA results at the end of this introductory text.

Recent discoveries in the census and tax records for Virginia now indicate a Henry Stickle, I "the first" as the first ancestor of the Stickel(s) of Winchester. The descendants report below details 10 generations of the direct descendants of Henry Stickle, I and his five children. Two brother's have produced the bulk of the ancestry; George Stickle, I (1765 Est.-After 1820) and Henry Stickle, II (1768-Bef 1850). From these two brothers we have the many descendants outlined below. We are still working to determine where "Henry, I" came from, and still don't know if he moved to Virginia from another part of the American colonies or if he immigrated to America from Europe. His children settled along the northern border of Fauquier County and the southern border of Loudoun County, near Berryville/Winchester, Virginia.

You will notice that many of the last names differ, some spelling their names "Stickles", "Stickel", "Stickell" or "Stickels". This, we believe, was due in part to illiteracy among the farmers that make up most of our early heritage, and also due to the fact that the early immigrants spoke German/Dutch and had difficulty with the English language.

Many thanks to David Stickels (CA), Vernon E. Wilson (IA), Richard G. Stickels (MD), Edie Rider, Michael Godown (MD), Donald E Watts (WV), Diane Bishop (VA), and Sharon Cooper (VA) for their genealogy research and many others for much of the information provided in this report.

We would appreciate any input you can provide as to the accuracy of this information.

Regarding DNA, at the present time Sharon Cooper is showing as a 5-8 Cousin to Mark Stickels. Richard G. Stickels is showing as a 5-8th cousin to Mark Stickels. Michael Godown has links to numerous cousins but using and 23andMe DNA services. Using Ancestry DNA he has links to Richard G. Stickels but does not show a DNA connection to Mark Stickels.

Mark S. Stickels
9 October 2016

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