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Eva Briggs - Mark's 3rd Cousin (2x Removed)

Eva S Stickel (Briggs) (1900-06/23/1943)
  • Spouse: Herbert Briggs, Sr. (?)
  • Children:
    1. Son: Herbert Briggs, Jr. (? - ?)
  • Parents
    1. Father: Edward W Stickel (06/20/1869-02/24/1906)
    2. Mother: (Mollie) Mary L Barney (Stickel) (04/06/1867-05/28/1907)
  • Siblings
    1. Brother: Harold Barney Stickell (11/15/1894-09/03/1971)
    2. Brother: Ralph Stickel (?- Before 1943)
    3. Brother: John B Stickel (01/19/1902-04/07/1928)
    4. Sister: Thelma Stickel (?- After 1943)
    5. Sister: Virginia Stickel (?- Before 1943)
Eva's Personal Information
Born in 1900
Died in New York City, New York (NY), USA on June 23, 1943 (Age 43)
Cemetery: Mt. Hebron Cemetary in Winchester, Virginia (VA), USA
Plot: Lot 253, North Half, Section A, Grave 4
Marriage to:
    Herbert Briggs, Sr. (?)
Religion: Member of the Methodist Church
Comments: At Eva's death she was survived by one brother Harold and one sister Thelma and her son.

A grave marker for Eva can be found at - Find A Grave Entry for Eva Briggs
Residence History: Lived in NY City for a number of years before her death. According to the obituary of her brother John Stickel, Eva was living in Mexico City in 1928.
Other Website Links: Find A Grave Entry for Eva Briggs
Source: David R. Stickels (CA)

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