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Mollie Stickel - (Mark's 2nd Cousin, 3x Removed)

(Mollie) Mary Lee Barney (Stickel) (04/06/1867-05/28/1907)
  • Spouse: Edward W Stickel (06/20/1869-02/24/1906)
  • Children:
    1. Son: Harold Barney Stickell (11/15/1894-09/03/1971)
    2. Son: Ralph Stickel (1896-Before 1943)
    3. Daughter: Eva S Stickel (Briggs) (1900-06/23/1943)
    4. Son: John B Stickel (01/19/1902-04/07/1928)
    5. Daughter: Thelma Stickel (?- After 1943)
    6. Daughter: Virginia Stickel (?- Before 1943 (died at birth))
  • Parents
    1. Father: Joshua Commodore Barney (11/28/1806-03/20/1878)
    2. Mother: Isabella Heisman (Barney) (06/20/1840-03/19/1914)
  • Siblings
    1. Brother: William Barney (12 Feb 1859 - 20 Mar 1919) B:Hardy, Bedford Co., Virginia, D:Wardensville, Hardy Co., West Virginia, Marriage to Lillian Hume Barney (1859–1935) and they had 3 children)
    2. Sister: Annie Elizabeth Barney (Heltzel) (12 Mar 1864 - 30 Nov 1951) B:Wardensville, Hardy, West Virginia, D:Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, Marriage to A Russell Heltzel (1863-?) and they had 5 children)
    3. Brother: John Delano Barney (22 Mar 1870 in Wardensville, Hardy, West Virginia, D:Wardensville, Hardy, West Virginia, Not Married and no children)
Mollie's Personal Information
Born in Wardensville, Hardy County, West Virginia (WV), USA on Saturday, April 6, 1867
Died in Winchester, Virginia (VA), USA on Tuesday, May 28, 1907 (Age 40)
Cemetery: Mount Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, Virginia (VA), USA
Plot 766 South Half Old Grave 42
Marriage to:
    Edward W Stickel (06/20/1869-02/24/1906) on Tueday, November 14, 1893 (Age 27)
     - in Clark County, Virginia (VA), USA
Comments: A picture of Mollie can be found at - Find A Grave Entry for Mary Lee "Mollie" Barney Stickel

Source: Michael Wayne Godown (MD) and Diane Bishop
Find A Grave Entry for Mary Lee "Mollie" Barney Stickel
Family Lines: Mollie is listed in the following family line reports: Ashby, Stickel(s), and Washington

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