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John Stickel - (Mark's 3rd Cousin, 2x removed)

John B Stickel (01/19/1902-04/07/1928)
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John's Personal Information
Born on January 19, 1902
Occupation: Farming
Died in Weston, West Virginia (WV), USA on April 7, 1928 (Age 26)
Cemetery: Mount Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, Virginia (VA), USA
Plot: lot 766 South Half Old Grave 4
Cause of Death: Tragic Death?
Comments: The headstone states "John B. Stickel" but his obituary shows a "John M. Stickel". David R. Stickels believes the "M" is a mistake by the newspaper.

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At the time of his death, John was survived by two sisters (Thelma and Eva) and two brothers (Harold and Ralph). Harold was living in Bunker Hill, WV and Raph was living in Washington, DC. Thelma was living in Wardensville, WV and Eva was living in Mexico City. - this information from his obituary, April 11 Winchester Evening Starr.

Cemetery records indicate that he was single, a farmer and 25 years old. His name is recorded as John M. Stickel. He is buried in Lot 766 -Old section.
Residence History: A letter from John M. Stickle of McCauley, Harty Co., WV, (signed Johnny M and postmarked Wardensville, WV) to his Grandmother Mrs. Jno M. Stickel, Winchester, VA dated 12/21/1915 and describing his being in the 6th grade, farming and a new 1916 car in the family. (letter in the possession of Michael Godown)
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Source: David R. Stickels
Michael Godown, Diane Bishop, Edie Rider

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