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Richard G. Stickels - (Mark's 2nd Cousin, 1x Removed)

(Dick) Richard Gordon Stickels, Jr. (hidden)
Dick's Personal Information
Born in Baltimore, Maryland (MD), USA
Occupation: Program Officer for U.S. Dept. of State
Military Service: 28 years of active service USAF retired
1st Marriage to:
    Arla Jean Russell (Stickels) (hidden) on Sunday, September 1, 1968
     - in Los Vegas, Nevada (NV), USA
     - ended on May 8, 1980 - in Potter County, Pennsylvania (PA), USA
     - Divorced
2nd Marriage to:
    Elizabeth Allison (Stickels) (hidden) on Friday, August 1, 1980
     - in San Antonio, Texas (TX), USA
Religion: Catholic
Currently Living in: Waldorf, Maryland (MD), USA
Contact Information: Street Address/Phone and Email Address available upon request
Comments: Richard has done his DNA on and at present he is linked to two cousins:
- 5-8 Cousin Mark Stickels (Confidence of Moderate) [Stickel(s) Line]
- 5-8 Cousin Michael Godown (Confidence of Moderate) [Stickel(s) Line]

Source: Self
Family Lines: Dick is listed in the following family line reports: Ashby, Stickel(s), Washington, and Awbrey

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