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Birdie Stickel - (Mark's 1st Cousin, 3x removed)

(Birdie) Roberta Lorena Stickel (Funk) (02/03/1874-08/24/1955)
Birdie's Personal Information
Born in Jefferson Co., Virginia (VA), USA on Tueday, February 3, 1874
Occupation: Housewife
Died in Ranson, West Virginia (WV), USA on Wednesday, August 24, 1955 (Age 82)
Cemetery: Edge Hill Cemetery in Charles Town, West Virginia (WV), USA
Cause of Death: Died at Charles Town General Hospital of Pneomonia, onset 2 weeks previous, due to Hypertensive Cardio Vascular problems
1st Marriage to:
    (Martin) Joseph Martin Funk (11/14/1856-06/15/1922) on Wednesday, December 19, 1894 (Age 21)
     - in Charles Town, Jefferson Co., West Virginia (WV), USA
2nd Marriage to:
    Peter Washington Stickel (07/04/1868-07/24/1944) on Saturday, March 6, 1926 (Age 52)
     - in Jefferson County, Virginia (VA), USA
Comments: The Marriage Register to Joseph Funk shows Roberta spelling her name "Roberta L. Stickles", Joseph is 40 and Roberts is 20 years old, both are single, Joseph was born in Maryland and Roberta was born in Jefferson Co., West Virginia

The Death Certificate indicates her name as "Roberta Funk Stickel". The date of death is Aug 24, 55. The place of death is Jefferson Co., WV and her residence is listed as Berryville, Clark Co., VA. She died at the Charles Town General Hospital in Ranson, WV. The brith date is listed as Feb 3, 1874. Roberta's birth place is Jefferson Co., WV. Her father is Simon Peter and her mother is Canie Finnell. The informant is Mrs. Edward Stickel (grand daughter). The cause of death is Pneomonia, onset 2 weeks previous, due to Hypertensive Cardio Vascular problems. Burial at Edge Hill (Charles Town) on Aug 26

The Mrs. Edward Stickel listed as the informant above is the "Step" grand daughter of Roberta - Fleda Carter Stickel

Peter Washington Stickel is Birdie's first cousin
Residence History: Last Address - Rt 2 Berryville, 2 miles north of town
Source: Edie Rider and
Vernon Wilson RootsWeb Site #I17084 and
Marriage Register WV Culture DB and
2nd Marriage Register WV Culture DB and
Death Certificate and
Find A Grave Entry for Birdie Roberta Lorena Stickel Funk
Family Lines: Birdie is listed in the following family line reports: Stickel(s), Ashby, Washington, and Awbrey

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