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Sylvia Shiplett - (Mark's 4th Cousin - 1x removed)

Sylvia Mae Stickel (Shiplett) (10/14/1920-07/19/2002)
Sylvia's Personal Information
Born in Bunker Hill, Berkeley Co., West Virginia (WV), USA on October 14, 1920
Died in Vero Beach, Indian River Co., Florida (FL), USA on July 19, 2002 (Age 82)
Cemetery: Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia (VA), USA
Columbarium Number 2
Social Security No: 578-24-9204 Issued in Washington DC
Marriage to:
    Carl Eugene Shiplett (02/02/1916-10/21/1988)
Comments: A picture of the grave marker can be found at - Find A Grave Entry for Carl E Shiplett
Other Website Links: Find A Grave Entry for Sylvia Shiplett
Family Lines: Sylvia is listed in the following family line reports: Ashby, Stickel(s), Washington, Lock, and Awbrey

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