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Descendents of Richard Castree

Richard Castree is my G3 Grandfather on my mother's side of the family. My mother's father was John F. Castree.

This descendents report details 8 generations of the direct descendents of Richard Castree (abt 1791-?). Richard was born and raised in Ireland and was married to Margaret Stonay Buchanan. Richard and his wife came to the United States when their first child was just a baby.

Many thanks to Alec Sutherland for his research on the Castree family tree. And I would also like to thank William Knox for additional details on this interesting line. It turns out that there were some several successful NYC bankers in this line.

Mark Stickels (webmaster)
13 April 2009
1st Generation
We don't have much information regarding Richard Castree, we just know that he emmigrated to the US from Ireland.

2nd Generation

3rd Generation
John Wesley Castree (? - ?) was a very successful businessman and banker living in New York City. He was the president of the Irving Bank.

4th Generation
(Jack) John Fordyce Castree (11/12/1907-03/01/1972) was a retired Captain in the Navy, Naval Academy Graduate, and WW II veteran. He served on the USS Wisconsin in the Pacific Fleet during the war.

5th Generation
Edwin Van Valkkenburg Sutherland (09/16/1913-01/07/1997) was a retired Brig. General in the US Army, a West Point Graduate and served as an executive officer during WW II. There is a very interesting article about his life on is genealogy page.

6th Generation

7th Generation

Total Descendents Count = 186

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