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Henry Ashby - (Mark's 2nd cousin, 6x removed)

General Henry Marshall Ashby (1836-07/10/1868)
  • Spouse: Unknown? (?)
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    1. Father: Marshall Ashby (1802-1850)
    2. Mother: Lucinda Cocke (Ashby) (1806 - 1878)
  • Siblings
    1. Sister: Maria Louise Ashby (Brooke) ( 6 OCT 1826 - 1 JUNE 1888) B&D:Virginia, Married John Lewis Brooke (1826- Aft 1850) and they had 8 children, Burial at Ware Episcopal Church Cemetery, Gloucester, Gloucester County, Virginia )
    2. Brother: Dr. John Washington Ashby (1828 - 1867) B:Belmont, Loudoun County, Virginia, D:Mississippi, Married Agnes Gordon Taylor (? - 1895) on 18 Apr 1859 in Culpepper, Virginia, and they had one son, Burial in Ashby Cemetery, Delaplane, Fauquier County, Virginia, was a surgeon during the Civil War and died during the conflict (7th Virginia Regiment))
    3. Sister: (Kate) Sarah Catherine Ashby (Cocke) (1830 - 1891) B:Fauquier County, Virginia, D:Tennessee, Married (Willis) William Ellis Cocke, Jr (1832 - 1909) on 31 Oct 1855 • Culpepper, Virginia, and they had 6 children)
    4. Sister: Mary Elizabeth Ashby (Wilkinson) (1832 - 27 MAR 1927) B:Fauquier County, Virginia, D:District of Columbia, Married Unknown Wilkinson in 1873)
    5. Sister: Helen Ashby (Gibbs) (1834 - 27 Mar 1927) B:Culpeper County, Virginia, D:Washington, District of Columbia, Married Thomas Hayden Gibbs (1832-1908) on 6 DEC 1855, and they had 7 children, Burial at Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, District of Columbia)
    6. Sister: (Fannie) Frances Ashby (Harris) (1838 - 1881) B:Fauquier County, Virginia, Married Unknown Harris )
    7. Brother: John Washington Ashby (1828 - 1867) Married Agnes Taylor in Apr 1859)
    8. Sister: Laura Ashby (Purse) (25 APR 1840 - 16 JUNE 1915) B:Fauquier County, Virginia, D:Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia, Married Daniel Gugel Purse, Sr (1839-1908) in 1866 and they had 8 children, Burial at Laurel Grove Cemetery (North), Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia)
    9. Sister: Lucy Ashby (1842 - 1888) B:Virginia)
    10. Sister: Virginia Ashby (1844 - ?)
    11. Sister: Eugenia Ashby (22 FEB 1849 - 8 APR 1887) B:Fauquier, Virginia, D:Jacksonville, Duval Co., Florida, Married Charles J. Burroughs (1846-1895) and they had 5 children, Burial at Laurel Grove Cemetery (North), Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia)
Henry's Personal Information
Born in Fauquier County, Virginia (VA), USA in 1836
Died in Knoxville, Knox Co., Tennesse (TN), USA on Friday, July 10, 1868 (Age 33)
Cemetery: Old Gray Cemetery in Knoxville, Knox Co., Tennessee (TN), USA
Marriage to:
    Unknown? (?)
Comments: A picture of Henry and his grave marker can be found at - Find a Grave entry for Henry Marshall Ashby

Veteran of Confederate Army with rank of Brigadier General. Fought in Wheeler's Cavalry as Colonel of the 2nd (Ashby's) Tennessee Cavalry Regiment. Was son of Marshall and Lucinda Cocke Ashby. Had moved to Chattanooga by 1860. Wife was Laura Purse. General Ashby was killed by an ardent Unionist, E.C. Camp, at Knoxville on July 10, 1868. 

Some sites report a Laura Purse as Henry's wife but his sister is actually Laura Ashby (Purse).

Source: Cumnock/Smith-Dew Family Tree - by Lgbjac13 and
Find a Grave entry for Henry Marshall Ashby
Family Lines: Henry is listed in the following family line report: Ashby

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