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Mary Ball - (Mark's 1st Cousin, 10x Removed)

Mary Ball (Washington) (1708-08/25/1789)
  • Spouse: Captain Augustine Washington (1693-04/12/1743)
  • Children:
    1. Son: President George Washington (02/22/1730-12/14/1799)
    2. Daughter: (Betty) Elizabeth Washington (20 Jun 1733 to Bet. 1773 - 1828)
    3. Son: Samuel Washington (16 Nov 1734 to 1781)
    4. Son: John Augustine Washington (13 Jan 1734/35 - 1738)
    5. Son: Charles Washington (1 May 1738 to Bet. 1755 - 1828)
    6. Daughter: Mildred Washington (22 June 1740 - 28 October 1740)
  • Parents
    1. Father: Colonel Joseph Ball (05/25/1649-07/11/1711)
    2. Mother: Mary Bennett (Ball) (1670 - 1720) B:England, D:Virginia, USA )
Mary's Personal Information
Born in Lively, Lancaster Co., Virginia (VA), USA in 1708
Died in Mount Vernon, Virginia (VA), USA on Tuesday, August 25, 1789 (Age 82)
Cemetery: Kenmore Plantation and Gardens in Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg City, Virginia (VA), USA
Marriage to:
    Captain Augustine Washington (1693-04/12/1743) on Thursday, March 6, 1729 (Age 21)
     - in Eipping Forest, Lancaster County, Virginia (VA), USA
     - Marriage on March 6, 1729/30
Comments: Washington's relationship with his mother was forever strained. Although she was by no means poor, she regularly complained to outsiders that she was destitute and neglected by her children, much to George's embarrassment. Animosity between mother and son persisted until her death from cancer in the first year of his presidency.

A great article about Mary can be found on the Washington Post Website

Mother of George Washington. "The Belle of Epping Forest" was born in 1708 or 1709 in Lancaster County, Virginia to a well-to-do family. Both of her parents had children from prior marriages, but she would be the only child born to Joseph and Mary Washington; her father would die when Mary was only a few years old. At the age of thirteen, her mother died as well. Her early years were spent between the homes of her half-sister Elizabeth and her guardian Colonel George Eskridge, being educated in the "feminine arts" of sewing, cooking, running an estate and etiquette. At the age of twenty, Mary traveled to London to visit her half-brother Joseph and there met Augustine Washington, who also lived in Virginia. They courted for two years before being married in 1731 and settling down at his estate, Pope's Creek, in Westmoreland County. Augustine was much like her father, having three children from a prior marriage and sufficiently successful, owning an ironworks. The following year on February 22, their first son George was born. Six years and four more children later, the family moved to Ferry Farm to be closer to Augustine's ironworks. Mary was left alone with the children often, as her husband did a lot of traveling for his business; it was during these times that she handled the overseeing of the farm and personally educating all of her children in everything from studying the Bible to horsemanship. In April of 1743, Augustine died unexpectedly and left Mary a widow at thirty-five with five children under twelve years old. She threw herself into managing the six hundred acre estate; while women were not allowed to own property at the time, Augustine had left Ferry Farm to George and she was allowed possession until he came of age. Unable to send George to England to be educated as was the custom of the time, she sent him to Mount Vernon to study with his elder half-brother Lawrence.

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Source: Descendants of Richard Wright, Sr. of Rowan County, North Carolina by Herbert Arkin, Jr.
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Find a Grave entry for Mary Ball Washington
Family Lines: Mary is listed in the following family line report: Washington

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